How to Remove Complaints

Reputation Management Services to protect your company’s image online. All possible ways to delete consumer reviews from different grievance websites. Cost effective, tested SEO and Social engineering techniques, ethical ways to deal with bad press and reviews.

  • Contacting Customers

Resolve your issue with customers directly.

  • Legal Advice

Contacting websites legally by sending them legal notices.

  • SEO Reputation

Bury bad reviews using SEO / Internet Marketing techniques.

  • Cyber Court Orders

Removing reviews by sending court orders to Google manually.

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Remove Consumer Complaints

Fast, Guaranteed and Permanent Removals from Search

  • Doctor Reputation Management

    Doctor Reputation Management

    Remove bad reviews of against doctors, hospitals, clinics by patients.

  • College, Institute Reputation Management

    College, Institute Reputation Management

    Remove negative reviews by students against teachers and institutions members.

  • Real Estate Reputation Management

    Real Estate Reputation Management

    Removal of negative reviews posted against property dealers and real estates.

  • Hotel, Restaurant Reputation Management

    Hotel, Restaurant Reputation Management

    Removal of negative reviews posted by customers during visit to your hotel.

  • Corporate Reputation Management

    Corporate Reputation Management

    Delete fraud complaints posted by Ex Employees, competitors, clients and others.

  • Celebrity Reputation Management

    Celebrity Reputation Management

    How to remove your fake profiles, personal reputation management services.

Complaint Removal Services

Permanent Removal (100% Guarantee)

Nothing is impossible today! Permanent removal of complaints is now possible with us. We are successful in removing complaints permanently from various complaint sites. Till date we can remove reviews from 15-20 different review websites and figure is increasing with our experience. Cost and time depends on factors like type of complaint, number of comments and reviews, where it is posted, genuine or fake, and various other things. Few important check points why you must hire us to protect your business online and why we are different from other SEO reputation management firms.

  • FREE advice on your company bad publicity.
  • Quick process, 100% PERMANENT REMOVAL of complaints.
  • 5 Days money back GUARANTEE.
  • Clear FIRST PAGE results in 24 hours.
  • Expert LEGAL ADVISERS and internet marketing team.
  • BLOCK future complaints.
  • Build strong POSITIVE IMAGE online.
  • Strict CONFIDENTIALITY policy.
  • Easy PAYMENT options.
  • More than 500 HAPPY CLIENTS.
  • No hacking, black hat SEO.
  • Future reputation CONTROL guide and help.
  • Improve customer SATISFACTION.
  • Build a better and more STRONG positive image in the future.

SEO Reputation Management (Push Down)

We recommend these services if we are not successful in deleting complaints permanently through legal and other technical ways. In this type of removal we bury (push) negative media down to the lower pages of Google and other search engines by making strong positive SEO friendly links in the form of micro websites (EMD’s), blogs, press releases, social networks, web 2.0 profiles, videos, etc. Targeting company name and keywords specifically , we promote these links to get listed on first page in less interval of time but using White Hat SEO criteria only.

  • Fully tested, proven and RESULT ORIENTED techniques.
  • Expand your BRAND awareness through internet marketing.
  • Take control of your REPUTATION online.
  • Push down RIP Off REPORTS up to 5th page.
  • Up to 7 micro DOMAINS.
  • Strong SOCIAL MEDIA and networks.
  • Maintain a consistent POSITIVE online presence.
  • QUALITY and unique content always.
  • Strong LINK BUILDING strategies.
  • Get more business online through SEO promotion.
  • Blogs, PRESS RELEASES, Articles, Social Media promotions.
  • Only white hat SEO Performed, Latest GOOGLE GUIDELINES.
  • Start getting RESULTS with 2 weeks.
  • Personal, CORPORATE and Celebrity Reputation Management.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What type of Data you Remove?
We remove almost all type of negative content or information from internet which harms someone personally or professionally. Negative data can be complaints on consumer advocacy forums, bad news on press release websites, unacceptable comments on review websites, negative ratings, fake profiles on social networks, fake images uploaded somewhere on internet. Other forms of data like videos, pdf, word document, power point presentation.

  • What type of services you offer?
We offer both permanent removal and SEO reputation management services to bury(push down) negative reviews. Permanent removal is possible in almost 70% cases for other we do SEO and build strong positive links for first page.

  • What will be the cost and time?
Cost and time can be decided only after analyzing client complaints. Cost depends on many factors whether we are using internet marketing for removal or we are using legal services for removal. It also depends on type of complaint website, their admin, location, etc. Minimum time for removal of complaints is 24 hours to may be a week after successful payment in permanent removal. Sometime it takes several days also. Cost and time can be decided only after analyzing client complaints. Cost depends on many factors whether we are using internet marketing for removal or we are using legal services for removal. It also depends on type of complaint website, their admin, location, etc. Minimum time for removal of complaints is 24 hours can be a week after successful payment in permanent removal. Sometime it takes several days and month also. In general, complaints and negative reviews are being removed within a week, sometimes within few hours. However, some of the complaints can take a lot of time if there are any legal issues involved. In such cases, it might take a long time but generally it will not take more than two weeks to get all of them removed from those sites. We insure 100% happiness for our clients. For any assistance, you can call or email us.

  • What is Guarantee?
Yes, we insure 100% GUARANTEE that the complaints will be removed from the websites and search. That is why we take only half of the amount at the time of order and the next half, we take when the complaints are being removed completely. Complaints if not removed, we will refund 100% money, but it never happens. After analyzing your case we will immediately tell you that we can delete from that complaint website or not. In SEO Reputation management services which are used to bury complaints, Guarantee is not always 100% because ranking depends on search engine algorithms and type of SEO performed. However, some of them might take longer time to get them removed. However, we insure that they will be removed finally. We have a long list of such top review sites and maintained a good relationship with all of them from last 5 years.

  • Is there any hidden charges related to your service?
No Hidden charges. We insure that you will have to pay only the actual amount and none of our bills will contain any extra charges other than taxes.

  • Is there any extra charge for legal aids?
Sometimes we have to send legal notices to websites. The legal assistance is being provided by lawyers and we need to pay them for their consultation. Hence, you will be required to pay this fee. However, we insure that this fee will be less as compared to the consultation fee being taken by the legal advisers in the market.

  • What about future complaints?
We are successful in blocking future complaints from many of complaints websites till date. It depends on website where your complaints are posted and admin ‘s of the same.

  • Do you receive any compensation from your client?
We do not provide any compensation but the biggest compensation is in the form of satisfaction that they get with the removal of all negative reviews. We insure removal of all negative reviews from the website mentioned in a cost effective manner. We insure quick removal as well and our clients need not wait for long. We insure 100% satisfaction to our clients and we never indulge in the truthfulness of the reviews. We do not care whether it is true or it is false. We deal in to make good relationship with all the websites and your complaints will be removed as soon as possible from the stated review site so that you do not have to face a big loss. We are true professionals and deal with all the companies who want to insure only positive feedback on internet.

  • Why should I hire you to remove the negative feedback’s about our websites?
Review sites can be an enemy for your businesses on various occasions. This is the case when someone posts negative reviews about your company on those review websites. They generally hesitate in providing any facilities on individual business. Hence, you cannot get the negative reviews removed yourself. However, we can do that for you. We have maintained good relationships with most of the review websites. They allow us to work with them more efficiently through private and legal channels. Hence, we can get the negative reviews removed quickly and in a cost effective manner. We can remove all the negative reviews.

  • We have heard that, it is impossible to remove threads from websites such as, How can you remove them when nobody virtually can?
Yes, we can delete and bury complaint from We have good relationship with various sites and hence in 99% of the cases, we are able to remove pages without any fuss. It might take a little bit more time for bigger complaints and some legal suggestions. These sites, do not really talk to general public. We can get this done for you however. Remove posts from ,,, and other similar websites. There are 100′s of complaint websites online so we recommend to you send us exact links for analyses first.

  • Are you having any affiliation with any of the negative complaints websites?
We do not have any review or complaint websites of our own. However, with experience in this IT Industry and Reputation Management we have many contacts, different legal and other technical ways to remove those negative feedback’s from many top review websites.

  • Can review hurt my business?
According to the recent survey, on 80% occasions, a negative review leads to the loss of the clients. On 80% of occasions, you will lose clients who read even a single negative review about you. Hence, it is going to harm your business in a broader way. Hence, you need to insure that there is no negative review about your business on internet.

  • Am I safe from negative feedback’s if I hire you?
We will delete all the negative feedback’s that you will tell us about. However, for future, if any negative feedback is again posted then you will have to tell us about them and pay our fee. We will then insure that those negative feedback’s are removed again.

  • What is the Process you follow?
In general, it is a straightforward process. We focus on various areas. This includes how many complaints have been made. We then find out the type of complaints, whether they are fraud complaints or customer service complaints. Through a series of questionnaire, we will find out the type of complaints, what problem they can create and how we can remove those complaints. In 99% of the cases, we can remove them without any hectic process. Sometimes, it does require some kind of legal assistance and for that we can provide professional lawyer for any kind of advice that is required on various legal issues.

Customer Testimonials

See how they SAVED their reputation by using our services.

You had done better by cleaning our online reputation. We highly appreciate your professional approach…!
Well Done Rahul
We are extremely thankful for your every action in removing complaints.We really appreciate your fast action.
S Kumar
S Kumar
Fast Action
Thank you, Team. We really appreciate your work. You saved company reputation by removing fake reviews permanently from forum.


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